The bang of the bateria and the call of Carnaval

It´s the eve of the biggest party in the world. The pre-carnaval celebrations are and the bloco parties here in BH have served their purpose and whet the appetite, they are just a drop in the ocean compared to the partying and the madness that will rise from the streets and the beaches of Brazil. Like it or not, for the next 5 days Brazil belongs to Carnaval. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday is official Carnaval time.Unofficially, it means more holidays for the Brazilians. Many people will do a half days work today in order to try and beat the traffic and the hassle, so they can dawn their outfits, makeup, grab their beer, and get their booties warmed up for non-stop partying. Brasília the capital of the country and where the Government sits, has already emptied out. Many politicians left on Wednesday, I was kind of surprised. I thought many of them were still on their Christmas holidays! It may come as a surprise for many people especially you foreigners, to find out that Rio de Janeiro is not the capital of Brazil. Although to many of us here in Brazil, it´s the real capital of the country, although officially it´s a good thing it´s not, sure the Government would never get anything done ;o)

Of course by far Rio is the most popular place to visit during the celebrations by, the super rich and the super famous. This year Brahma, Brazil´s most popular beer ran two commercials with Jennifer Lopez, the first one being her getting an invite to Rio, the second one where she is receiving Portuguese and Samba lessons.  With that ass, I´m sure she´s going to fit right in. Now you think with the likes of Ms.Lopez, Madonna and the rest of them, that me and the wife would be jumping in our jet plane and organizing Caipirihna parties, well unfortunately for Jenny from the bloco, she´ll have to catch me another time. You see Rio is not the only place in Brazil where Carnival is just as popular and just as crazy. Exists a place where the Carnival traditions of old are still intact and relatively untouched from the surge of tourism. We are off to the north, to the state of Pernambuco, it´s capital Recife, and the neighbouring city of Olinda. And just as you thought Rio was the centre of all the fun, you will be just surprised to know that here, especially in Olinda, they don´t dance to Samba, they dance to Prevo. Over the next 5 days, I will be reporting live (I´ve alays wanted to say that) on a daily basis with reports and pictures on the rave in Recife. So stay tuned. We are presently at the confins airport, and we are just about to depart – Come on! And please there will be no time for much editing, so please excuse any typos!

Boa Carnaval!

One Response to “The bang of the bateria and the call of Carnaval”
  1. JG Murphy says:

    Hi Keith, came across your blog actually suggested by the Irish Embassy in Brasilia. Your fan base seems to be spread pretty far!! I’m actually relocating permanently to Goiania in the next three months and would love to connect with you. Do you have an email address I could send a mail to?

    All the best,


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