Obama may be in Ireland, but look who’s in Belo Horizonte!


thinking about moving

the smallest café in the world

So this is Eduardo, and this is his business. He stands here on Nossa Sehnora do Carmo Avenue. He works office hours, 9-5, Monday-Friday.  He’s been here with his little café for 10 years. I had a small coffee, o cafezinho. We had a quick chat. He’s a friendly chap. One of those guys that … Continue reading

Surely they’re plastic né?.


I love the translation for this warning of a guard dog; “Danger ..Dog…anti-social”

Autumn in Belo. Perfect weather for taking the bike out.

God is with us…

While out on a day trip around the beautiful Minas Gerais countryside, we got trapped behind this guy for nearly an hour. I thought to myself; “at this rate, I’ll never get a chance to meet God, we are behind this truck..now and forever” _________________________________________________________ Enquanto numa excursão ao redor do campo belo de Gerais … Continue reading

If in doubt, always…/ Se tem dúvida,sempre…

Cruizero!, já foi escrito..na parede de banheiro. / Cruizero!, it’s already written..on the wall of the toilets!.

Well thank God for that!.