My first Carnival in Brazil

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, is it just me, or does it seem to be all about, erm… Brazil at the moment?  God, it’s kind of boring is it not? And just as you were getting sick and tired of hearing about the Brazil word, just as Europe sinks deeper into depression, just as the Government of… … Continue reading

The bang of the bateria and the call of Carnaval

It´s the eve of the biggest party in the world. The pre-carnaval celebrations are and the bloco parties here in BH have served their purpose and whet the appetite, they are just a drop in the ocean compared to the partying and the madness that will rise from the streets and the beaches of Brazil. … Continue reading

The NFL Final and the Brazilian connection

& Bouncy

It just goes to show you how interested I am in gossip, entertainment affairs, etc etc. I’m reading Sunday’s ‘Folha De Sao Paolo’, my fav Brazilian newspaper. Of course, there is talk of tonight’s NFL final. And to my surprise I find that Brazil’s model Gisele Bundchen is married to Tom Brady, the quarterback of … Continue reading

Brazil v Ireland – The beer game

The one thing that you’ll notice when you visit one of BH’s million botecos (pubs) is the extremely oversized beer fridges, given free of charge by the beer companies in order to show off their products. Illuminating from the fridges are the accompanying oversized digital temperature readers, informing the whole world, that yes!, our beer … Continue reading

The priest and the wolves

The moon is running now. It toys with them, flying through their world. Nothing stops it. It cheats the night of its darkness, robs the waters silent sleep and coats the mountains with a silvery cape.   Bounding across land they chase, sprinting, large and fast, scaling mountains, jumping ravines, zig zagging the trees. Their … Continue reading

Having ‘a pint’ (of Guinness) in Belo Horizonte

When I came to Belo Horizonte, I really didn’t mind that there were no Irish bars. In fact I was quite happy. Foreign bars, especially Irish ones are a magnet for the gringos, not that I have anything against my fellow gringos, but I just didn’t want to be sucked into an ex-pat society, I’ve been … Continue reading

Escaping from Belo Horizonte

Let’s be honest, Belo Horizonte is not so pretty, but it wasn’t always the way, not so long ago, it was nicknamed ‘The Garden City’. BH was once filled with one storey houses, gardens and parks. But it seems soon after it was constructed and called the capital of Minas Gerais state, they decided not … Continue reading

Gírias irlandesas importantes que os brasileiros precisam saber antes da festa de St. Patrick’s

1. Craic (kreik) – adjetivo – divertido exemplo: “The St. Patrick’s day party was great craic”. (“O dia de St.Patrick’s foi muito divertido.”) ___________________________________________ 2. Pissed (píst) – adjetivo – chapado exemplo: “Where you drunk at the party yesterday?” “Me? I was so pissed I couldn’t see – it was great craic!”             (“Você estava … Continue reading

The Brazilians, the knackers and the morning glory

Not so long ago, I received a very nice mail from a local here. He told me that he stumbled across the blog, read the stories and gave me some very nice compliments about my outlook on Brazilian life here in Bh. He continued to tell me of a not-so-secret-society, that get together for pints … Continue reading

An Irish man goes to a doctor…

In the past, if you were to ask anybody from Ireland what a Brazilian looks like, as a guy, you would have imagined the rather tasty looking ladies that take part in Carnival, as a girl, you may have thought of the footballers like Pele or Ronaldinho. So, dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes, dark … Continue reading